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One Time Device cost - Rs.7655 Rs.6499

(Includes device cost + subscription for 1 year + 1 year warranty + Taxes + Rs.170 for shipping)
  • One Year Device Replacement warranty.
  • 30 day money back Guarantee.
  • Call +91 98803 78888 for any clarification.

What do I  Get ?

  • A GPS tracking device along with the cable and installation instructions couriered to you.
  • An account using which you can Log in from the web.¬†
  • Fully functional android/iphone app
  • Regular product updates
  • All features as explained in our website

Why we are not costly?

  • A couple of cups at a coffee shop will cost you more than what we charge you monthly.
  • We provide certified, field tested and reliable hardware which has already been deployed worldwide.
  • We value user experience and provide very easy to use interfaces on web and smartphones.
  • We are committed to provide accurate tracking with 99.99% up time. Our solution is much more than providing couple of¬†sms updates of your vehicle location.

Why we charge monthly subscription fees?

  • Our device comes with a postpaid data only SIM and we have to pay telecoms operators for data usage every month.
  • We provide licensed Google Maps which is chargeable.
  • Our solution is cloud based and managed. You dont have to download and install any software on your desktop/laptop. We store¬†your trips for 3 months. All this costs us money.

7 reasons why we are better

  • 1
    Accurate location with +/- 10 meters accuracy
    Our device has inbuilt GPS / GPRS chips with specially designed internal device antennas for accuracy and reliability. Some solutions use tower based triangulation to provide approximate location information. However location information can vary by upto 500m and does not work well when there are no cell towers specially in remote areas. Our odometer display is accurate within 1-2 percent of the physical odometer.
  • 2
    Location updates at 10 sec frequency
    We provide complete vehicle trips captured at 10 sec frequency unlike solutions where trips are collection of points captured at 2 - 5 minutes frequency. We show live vehicle movements along with your vehicle location and speed. We also capture vehicle stoppages and overspeeding stretches.
  • 3
    Unlimited real time notifications on smart phones
    You can get important messages like attempted vehicle theft, device tampering, geo-fence entry and exit, overspeeding etc as smartphone push notifications. SMS services are dependent on third party gateways and do not gaurantee delivery times and customers have to bear SMS costs. TRAI regulations block SMS being sent to DND numbers and the regulations keeps getting stricter.
  • 4
    Plug and Play / No wire splicing
    Every car comes with an OBD port under the steering wheel. Our device plugs into it and does not require any wire tampering. This ensures that your car warranty is not voided. In case you want a concealed installation of the device under the dashboard, we provide easy installation instructions. Any local car accessory shop can install easily.
  • 5
    Complete Managed Offering
    Unlike few other service providers where you have to manage/ recharge the SIMs, we offer a completely managed solution where you are not bothered with recharging of SIM as well as SIM disconnections. Further you need not install any softwares and the entire application is available on the web. Your data is completely secured and managed by us on the cloud.
  • 6
    No data loss
    If there is no network coverage, our device stores the trip information locally and uploads when it gets back on the network. Further the device comes with inbuilt backup battery which ensures that you get notified immediately if someone tampers with the device.
  • 7
    Device Tampering Alerts
    If someone is trying to tamper with the device, you will instantly get an alert.

"We installed this GPS tracking device about 6mo ago mainly for the purpose of safety. Our children use the car, and we have a driver who takes them around....The device and software features are excellent. I find the summary emailed reports convenient"

Muralidhar Reddy
Caterpillar Executive

"My car is very personal to me. SafeKar acts as a deterrent to misuse by drivers. I can track mileage and fuel consumption and I love the Maintenance reminders. Thanks to SafeKar's anytime, anywhere connectivity, my driver drives sensibly and handles my car responsibly."

R.I Dharmarajan
Retired Army Officer

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You should not buy this if you are looking for...

  • Remote Vehicle Lock / Unlock or Central Locking feature
    Most vehicles already come fitted with these features and you would not like to carry multiple remotes for the same by installing a tracking solution along with remote vehicle lock/unlock and remote central locking features
  • Vehicle Immobilizer
    Most new vehicles come with in-built vehicle immobilizer and you would not want to mess with the original factory setting and void warranty. Incorrectly installed immobilizer can lead to fatal accidents.
  • Navigation
    A navigation device helps you navigate through the city while you are driving by providing driving directions to you. Most smartphones are already providing this and are better at it. We provide you the ability to track your car remotely using the web and your smartphone.
  • Fuel Monitoring
    Monitoring of your fuel level requires tapping into the electrical wiring of your fuel guage line. The installation is complex and further requires calibration of your car fuel tank.
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What to do after buying the device ...

Once you receive the device, call our customer care number to schedule an installation.Currently this is supported only in Bangalore, Delhi, Noida and Gurgaon. For other places please visit a nearby car accessory shop and follow the installation instructions sent along with the device.
You can opt for OBD based plug and play installation. In case OBD installation is not possible for your car model or you want complete concealed installation under the dashboard, please follow the installation instructions for non-OBD installations. 
Once the device has been installed, Sign up using our web portal by entering your email address/password and entering the device serial number and license details which is sent along with the device. That's it... You can use the same credentials to login from your smartphone as well. 

Other Questions

  • What if the device does not work as desired?¬†

    The device is covered under one year replacement warranty. Our support team can remotely diagnose the device. In the rare scenario if your device has some issue, we will ask you to courier the same to us. Our team will check the device and if required provide you with a replacement if the device is under warranty.
  • What if the device does not work after one year ?¬†

    Our support team will assist by remotely diagnosing the issue. If the device has issues, you will have to purchase a replacement device as the device is not repairable. You can purchase extended warranty for the device which covers the device for replacement warranty.
  • Can I extend the warranty on the device ?

    The device comes with one year warranty. However you can extend the warranty on the device by another two years before one year from your date of activation of the service. 
  • Are there any recurring charges ?

    Yes every year, you will have to renew your annual subscription. As explained, we incur monthly costs for serving to every customer and hence the charges
  • What If I want to discontinue the service ?¬†

    We will assure you of our best services and a solution at par of international standards. Further we provide a 30 day money back guarantee plan wherein you can return back the device to us if you are not happy with the solution or the solution is not as per your expectation.  However post this, we will not be able to take back the device or refund the subscription charges. 
  • Is the service transferable ?

    We don't recommend that you transfer the service. However if you so desire we can assist by clearing all your previous data.  
  • GPS Real Time Personal Vehicle Tracking System for car
    Hosted on cloud infrastructure
  • GPS Real Time Personal Vehicle Tracking System for car
    99.99% Up time
  • GPS Real Time Personal Vehicle Tracking System for car
    Your data is secured with us
  • GPS Real Time Personal Vehicle Tracking System for car
    PAN India Presence